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Newsletter 1 | Dog Shelter News


A very small number of volunteers are going regularly on Tuesday and Fridays 11-2 pm to work individually with dogs and help around the shelter. We have now done at least 100 dog walks – and it is amazing what difference even a small walk and some 1:1 attention can have to their behaviour, confidence and general wellbeing. We also wash and groom dogs, and try to encourage them to walk well on the lead. It also gives us a chance to assess how the dogs are when they are out and about, and to record this to put on the website – all of which will hopefully help to find them an ideal home longer term. We desperately need more regular helpers with this. Even if you can’t come on those days, please see of you can pair up with another volunteer to go at a different time on a regular basis. Even one or two hours a week will make a real difference to the lives of the dogs.


Harry at Mitsu Restaurant has agreed that we can try and plan an event at the Club Bar around Easter time. We want this to be one of two main fundraising events this year, with activities, music, raffles etc. I am hoping we can approach all the Porto shops to ask for donations as prizes for the raffle/auction. If anyone else has anything to donate or ideas about prizes please get in touch. I am starting to set up an NGO to formalise the fund raising. Ideally we want a group of keen planners to organise this event –it’s a nice short term time limited volunteering opportunity – so come on,step up and shout if you can help!There is never enough dog food to go round, so the dogs generally eat bread and scraps with their dog food. About 25,000 kilos of dog biscuits is needed each year! Any help with dog food donations is appreciated – just drive by and drop off a bag of food now and then, as every little helps.


  • Fostering • Volunteers are urgently needed to take on short term care of small puppies and sick dogs so that they get the best care and improve their chances of survival.

  • Socialising dogs • Walking, playing, washing and grooming individual dogs at the shelter.

  • Shelter improvements • Fixing fences, cleaning, planting, preparing food and more!

  • Public Relations • Designing new signs, website development and support, photography, translation and community events to promote the shelter.

  • Fundraising • Events, letter writing, approaching corporate and individual donors and raffles.


We have started shelter improvements in lots of small ways so far, with new equipment and basic things like better shovels and brooms, heating lights for small puppies, new leads and grooming brushes. Porto Montenegro have started a Community Projects Team and have already been to visit the shelter and offered support for fixing up fences and other small construction challenges which will be a major help. Next week we will also be adding a second entrance gate to the main dog compound, so that it is easier to get in and out without mass escapes, so many thanks to David and Michelle for organising this major improvement.


Michelle and David again deserve warm thanks for stepping up to the plate and fostering these 2 small puppies (Boris and Anya) who were found abandoned in Tivat park. Very small puppies have a poor chance at the shelter as they don’t yet have ideal facilities to look after them 24 hours, as is needed. While we are working on improving this, short term “foster carers” are the ideal solution. Being a foster home is not easy. Taking a dog into your home, caring for him, loving him, and then letting him go to a new home or giving him back to the shelter can be difficult, but it is the best way to give small puppies a chance. It can also be one of the most rewarding and fulfilling things a true dog lover can ever do to support dogs in need. Let us know if you think you have the stamina!

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