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Volunteers are always needed for the following, we'd love to have your help!

  • Fostering • Volunteers are urgently needed to take on short term care of small puppies and sick dogs so that they get the best care and improve their chances of survival.

  • Socialising dogs • Walking, playing, washing and grooming individual dogs at the shelter.

  • Shelter improvements • Fixing fences, cleaning, planting, preparing food and more!

  • Public Relations • Designing new signs, website development and support, photography, translation and community events to promote the shelter.

  • Fundraising • Events, letter writing, approaching corporate and individual donors and raffles.

  • Lobbying • For better animal welfare laws and support


We are always happy to welcome volunteers at the shelter. Please Contact Us for more information or visit the Facebook page for Friends of Dogs Montenegro - Pirjaltelji Pasa, an NGO we work closely with.


Please refer to our Guidelines for Volunteers for more information.


  • Staff working at the shelter are required to inform their manager of all visitors by phone

  • Shelter management reserves the right to refuse access to visitors if there are concerns about safety or security, unsuitable weather conditions, ongoing construction works or if the competent veterinary authority prohibits it

  • If you want to bring an abandoned or lost dog to the shelter, please call the manager or current person in charge at +382 (0)67 635 246 or +382 (0)32 339 220

  • If you want to take a dog out of the shelter for any reason, please arrange for this in advance with the manager in person or by telephone +382 (0)67 311 229

  • Staff at the shelter are required to ask all guests and visitors to supply their personal data for our records

​​Help make a difference! Contact us to volunteer!
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