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About Azil Kotor

Azil Kotor is a municipal dog shelter servicing Kotor and Tivat, Montenegro. We are funded mainly by the state via the municipalities and D.O.O. Komunalno Kotor, which is managed by the Direktor of D.O.O. Komunalno Kotor.


The main aim of Azil Kotor is to collect stray, homeless and unwanted dogs from the streets of Montenegro. We provide them shelter, food and basic medical treatment until they can be adopted, as far as space and resources allow. We have one manager and 3 staff members looking after the dogs in the shelter. Additionally, a driver with a designated van is available to collect stray dogs from the street as well as to pickup and drop off food.


Any donations of food, dog accessories, or money are greatly appreciated to help us care for the dogs. We can arrange pickup of anything that you can give.


Contact Azil Kotor

Sanya can be reached at the following numbers:

+382 (0)67 635 246 


Stray Dogs

Dogs are often brought into the shelter who have been found wandering the streets. Many of these dogs are just lost. If you have lost a dog, please come to the shelter as soon as possible to see if it has been brought in. You can also leave the details of the missing dog so that we can contact you if it is brought. If you need help with a stray dog in your neighborhood, please contact us:

+382 ((0)67 635 246


Our Hours

Monday - Friday 08.00 - 14:00


  • Staff working at the shelter are required to inform their manager of all visitors by phone

  • Shelter management reserves the right to refuse access to visitors if there are concerns about safety or security, unsuitable weather conditions, ongoing construction works or if the competent veterinary authority prohibits it

  • If you want to bring an abandoned or lost dog to the shelter, please call the manager or current person in charge at +382 (0)67 635 246 

  • If you want to take a dog out of the shelter for any reason, please arrange for this in advance with the manager in person or by telephone +382 (0)67 635 246

  • Staff at the shelter are required to ask all guests and visitors to supply their personal data for our records

Veterinary Care at the Shelter

Veterinary support at Azil Kotor is annually contracted by JKP Kotor. If you're worried about any of the animals in the shelter, please notify a member of staff so that they can contact the veterinarian. 


The current veterinarian is Vetport Kotor

Veterinary support includes the following:

  • Immunizations

  • Quarantine control

  • Spay/neutering

  • Disease and parasite control

  • All urgent heath care issues

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